Live a Dream Grants Bucket List Dream of WWII Veteran

Jim Siscoe Meets Hero Bob Dole Thanks to FaceTime

Live a Dream, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of seniors, recently connected Jim Siscoe, a WWII veteran with his long-time hero, Bob Dole. The two enjoyed a conversation via FaceTime at Stonecroft Health Campus, a Trilogy Senior Living Community located in Bloomington, Indiana.

Both men served in the same unit during WWII, but unfortunately, had never had the chance to meet one another. Throughout his life, Jim has admired Dole from afar. “My boys, when I texted them and told ‘em that he was gonna have this interview, they said, man, we’re glad,” commented Siscoe’s wife Betty, who was by his side for the call. “They said, he’s been talking about him ever since we’ve been little. That’s all he talks about. Whenever he talks about anything concerning WWII, it’s Bob Dole.”

On the day of the call, Jim and Betty sat side-by-side in their room at Stonecroft, an iPad placed in front of them. While Betty was talkative, Jim was reserved – almost apprehensive. But all that changed when a familiar face appeared on the screen smiled and said, “Oh hello there! How are you?”

“Oh, look honey!” Betty said, nudging Jim on the arm. His face, which up until then was borderline serious, broke into a wide smile. His eyes lit up as he looked to Serena Haming, the Live a Dream representative who had helped to organize the call. “That’s him there, ain’t it?” he said. For the first time ever, Jim was speaking with his hero, face-to-face. He was nearly at a loss for words. When they came, they were both honest and sincere.

“I… I really think highly of you Bob. For what you’ve done for the country and all, you’re my hero.”

Dole replied, looking at Jim and smiling. “Well thank you very much, I appreciate it. You’re probably my hero, too.”

It was a conversation that Jim never thought he would have, and one that he’s sure to always remember. To view the FaceTime call and learn more, visit:

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